Destination Wedding Overview

Congratulations on your engagement!

Brides have so many questions about destination weddings! I personally want to answer these questions and help guide you through the process.

Why would I book through Travel by Erin vs direct or on a large website?

Great question! I am a destination wedding and honeymoon specialist, and have traveled to almost all of the resorts and destinations that you are dreaming of. I will be your contact throughout the entire process, dealing directly with the resorts, while saving you time and money!! I do all of the research for you; the contracts, the timelines, speaking with your guests to arrange their travel and accommodations, and create a personalized web presentation about your wedding.

I will negotiate the best rates for you, and my services are free to you. Since you are not calling a hotline, and only dealing with one person to coordinate all of the details, this makes your wedding planning stress free!

How much does a destination wedding truly cost?

This is another one of my most asked questions. A destination wedding can be very cost efficient or as elaborate as you would like. Most Brides and Grooms pay for the wedding event and their cost to be at the resorts along with their own airfare, the guests usually pay their own costs. Most wedding packages starts at $2400 and up with the average one being $3600 including ceremony, cocktail hour and reception but not all wedding packages are the same. Some include 20 people while others include 40.

You can always have more people you just need to pay a small fee for the extra people to be there. It is good to have someone like me that sells these resorts and knows the true inclusions for each wedding package so you can compare everything and are not surprised at the cost of things.

How much does it cost to stay at the resort?

There are some great incentives for 2017/ 2018 travel. Depending on the resort, rates start around $125 per person per night, and go up depending upon amenities. That rate you will be quoted is all inclusive; so all meals, drinks, taxes and gratuities are included in that sample rate. This is a nice way to do a wedding, your guests will be able to relax since everyone pays the flat rate in advance, everyone access to the same food and drinks, and there is no stressing about budgets while attending the event!

There are many options from budget, mid- level, and luxury resort packages with everything in-between. When you are hosting a group it is always best to pick a resort with a variety of restaurants and quality food so you and your guests have options. Not all resorts are the same, and with my experience, I will help you select the perfect location for your wedding.

What about the deposit?

When you book a destination wedding through Travel by Erin, you will receive reduced deposit amounts for your wedding packages, and resort deposits.  Sometimes I can even negotiate your wedding package deposit to be waived and just put a deposit on the rooms. You could book your entire trip with as little as $500 down, or up to $100 per room, much of this will depend on the contract and agreements that I am able to negotiate for you.

Are their benefits for booking a wedding?

Yes, there are!! Depending on the property that you select, and the contract, there is the potential for you to earn some rebates for hosting a wedding at the resort! Some resorts are very generous with their rebates, but this is all based on how many people travel, and how long they stay.  These rebates are given to you when you return home from your wedding. It is my job to find these rebates, and make sure you are credited them; I will be working on this while you are enjoying your destination wedding.

How do you get paid, are you really free?

Yes! My services really ARE free to you! Everytime a vacation is booked online for a resort, cruise, Disneyworld etc. there is already a commission fee built into the rate that is quoted. This commission fee is designated for a booking agent to represent you. However, if you choose to book direct, the fee that was available for an agent to represent you, is not passed on as a savings to you, the website instead keeps it as a profit. So yes, I truly am free to you, since there is already money built into the online rates for me to represent you!

How do I find out more?

I want you to feel comfortable, and confident about working with me, head on over to Wedding Wire where you can read reviews other travelers have posted about their experiences with me. I would love to assist you with creating the wedding of your dreams, romantic travel is my passion! Contact me directly at 866.220.0269 or email me at

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